March 2024

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Level of Charge Fine & Sentence Chart

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Can I be Charged just for Driving with Marijuana in my System in Indiana?

Marijuana legalization has surged around the country, including in states surrounding Indiana.  Many people who utilize marijuana legally outside the state often have concerns about whether they could be charged with and convicted of an operating while intoxicated offense in Indiana based solely on the presence of marijuana (or its metabolites) in their blood.    Indiana law currently criminalizes operating a vehicle with a controlled substance listed in schedule I or schedule II or its…

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What is Paternity and How Can It Be Established?

Posted in On March 13, 2024

In determining the rights and responsibilities both parents have towards a child, establishing paternity may simplify the process. In Indiana, paternity provides a child born outside of marriage a legal father. Establishing paternity outlines a father’s legal rights and responsibilities towards a child. Additionally, establishing paternity can aid in issues revolving around child custody, parenting time, and child support. Resolving paternity issues may allow a child the rightful ability to bond with both parents. How…

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Considerations in Sentencing

There are many occasions over the course of criminal cases where the Judge gets to decide what the sentence will be. If someone loses a trial, then the judge can sentence someone to whatever they want within the range of sentences prescribed by statute. For example, if someone is convicted of a Level 5 Felony after a trial, they can be convicted of anything between 1 and 6 years, with an advisory sentence of 3…

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