June 2024

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What is a Criminal No Contact Order?

If you are charged with a crime there are a number of things that the Court can issue in terms of order at your initial hearing.  One of the things that a court can issue is something called a no contact order.  What is a no contact order? A no contact order is a court order that requires a defendant to have no contact with a specific person or place.  These are mostly used in…

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I’ve been falsely accused of a crime – what do I do?

For most people, being accused of and charged with a crime is one of the most scary, stressful things that can happen.  But what if you’re accused of a crime, and perhaps even charged with one, and you are totally innocent?  Sadly, this happens.  The criminal justice system is founded upon the belief that witnesses will truthfully report what occurred.  When a witness testifies in court, he or she is placed under oath by a…

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Post-Secondary Educational Support Obligations

Posted in On June 14, 2024

Post-secondary educational obligations are those that a Court may order on a parent to financially contribute to a child’s college educational expenses. In Indiana, Courts may order divorced, separated, or parents of a child born out of wedlock to contribute to a child’s post-secondary educational expenses. Post-secondary educational support orders differ from child support orders in that child support orders typically terminate on the child’s 19th birthday, while post-secondary educational support orders can continue past…

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Can I Move to Another State While on the Sex Offender Registry?

I want to start this article by clarifying that this is specifically for people who have completed their sentence for the criminal conviction that led to them being on the registry. If you are on probation or parole, there may be additional court orders or restrictions that prevent you from leaving the State. You should consult with an attorney and your probation or parole officer before doing so. For someone who is or has been…

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