April 2013

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Underage Alcohol Offenses (i.e. Minor Consumption, False I.D., etc.)

Been There, Done That, Right? If we are all honest with one another, many of us have committed crimes that involved the use of alcohol when we weren’t of age to drink yet (whether we were caught or not!). That could be while we were in college or hanging out with our underage buddies at a party. In fact, many of us may have even drank when we were under eighteen (18) years old and…

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Understanding a Criminal Case with Comparisons between Marion County and Hamilton County

This week’s blog takes a look at the path and life of a criminal charge.  How it starts, where it travels, and how it ends up.  For illustrative purposes, we will also contrast Marion County and Hamilton County. The team of experienced Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys frequently practice in Marion and Hamilton counties, thus we have chosen these two for comparison. The Arrest The arrest can vary in its form depending on the county you…

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The Crime of Battery

Batteries Aren’t Just Found in Your Junk Drawer The Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney’s at Banks & Brower have handled numerous cases involving the charge of battery. Many of us have been in a physical altercation of some type, if we admit it. Whether as a child, on the playground in middle school, with our sibling, our best friend, and, maybe, as an adult after a couple of drinks. Most people perceive a battery as a…

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Adam Brower Named to Brownsburg School Board

Posted in On April 8, 2013

Owner/Partner Adam Brower, in a meeting of the Board this evening, was named to the Brownsburg Community Schools Corporation School Board.  The firm of Banks & Brower takes very seriously its commitment to serve the communities it works and lives in.  Congratulations to Adam for taking on this great responsibility.

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A Summary of the Proposed Changes to the Indiana Criminal Code

We have read a lot of news articles discussing the significant overhaul to the Indiana Criminal Code.  In this blog we will summarize the proposed changes.  If passed this will represent the first major changes to the criminal code in more than 30 years.  Historically, changes have been made piecemeal, making for a very confusing and discombobulated code. Sentencing Categories  First is the categories of Crimes.  Currently we have Murder and 4 felony levels (D-A).  The…

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