May 2013

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Understanding Federal Court and its Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Posted in On May 24, 2013

Federal Court, Federal Crimes & Federal Sentencing – A great lawyer once said, “If the criminal justice system was compared to baseball, being charged at the state level would be tee-ball league. Being charged at the federal level would be the majors.”  Whether it’s the complex rules of procedure, the nuanced statutory offenses, the detailed levels of crimes, and/or the harsh range of penalties as comparable to similar state crimes, the federal system was designed…

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Understanding Miranda and Your Rights

Posted in On May 18, 2013

We have all heard the warnings on TV or in the movies.  You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney…  The infamous Miranda Rights.  Why are they called Miranda rights?  Because  the United States Supreme Court decided a case entitled Miranda vs. the State of Arizona.  In that case, the court outlined rights a suspect has in a criminal investigation.  Those rights have become staples in American criminal jurisprudence,…

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Negotiating CDL Tickets vs. Masking Serious CDL Convictions

The Debate over “Masking” Serious CDL Convictions As every single CDL driver knows, without a license to drive, you can’t make money. That’s obvious, right? What every CDL driver doesn’t realize, however, is that many states issue infractions that could easily lead to you losing your license. In fact, as we have discussed in a previous blog, if you get two serious infractions in three years, you lose your license for 60 days — if…

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Banks & Brower, LLC Announces its 1st Annual College Scholarship

Posted in On May 8, 2013

Banks & Brower, LLC Announces its First Annual College Scholarship   Banks & Brower, LLC takes being productive and active members of the community very seriously.  In support of that effort, we are announcing our 1st annual college scholarship.  We will award a $1000.00 scholarship to one student to help with the student’s post-secondary school expenses. The scholarship is open to all high school seniors regardless of income or GPA.  You must meet ALL of…

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Personal Injury Cases

We have all heard about the big dollar cases like the old lady who spilled coffee on herself and then sued McDonald’s only to be awarded millions.  When we hear about cases like that we wonder, why on Earth would McDonald’s owe someone money for having spilled coffee on themselves? We will use this blog to explain how a personal injury case works and while doing so explain how a jury reached a verdict in the McDonald’s case. Duty The explanation of…

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