February 2015

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A Look at Teen Sexting, a Surprising Crime

Teen Sexting – An Epidemic as Well as a Criminal Offense In this blog, the Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys take a look at sexting. While the exchange of erotic information and/or pornographic material from one person to another has been going on for decades, with the advent of technology (specifically smartphones), the ease at which one can do it has grown exponentially. This has become ever so present not just amongst consenting adults, but midst…

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Should I Speak to a Detective that has Called to Question Me?

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog:  Should I Speak to a Detective if they Call to Question Me? It is a question our office receives all the time.  Person calls and says, “A detective called me and wants to ask me some questions about a situation, and I don’t know how I should respond.”  In almost all circumstances you should respond by speaking to an attorney first. In this blog the Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys at…

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A Look at What Qualifies as a Controlled Expense in Child Support

Controlled Expenses: What are they and who pays them?  – Controlled expenses—a term most of you have probably heard if you’re going through a divorce and have young children.  But, what exactly are they?  The Indiana Child Support Guidelines establishes a standard of support for children and, as part of that standard, certain factors are taken in to account that affect the ultimate amount a non-custodial parent is obligated to pay in child support.  In…

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A Look at Possession of and Dealing in Cocaine

A Quick and Concise Guide to Possession of and Dealing in Cocaine:  – Most people are at least somewhat familiar with cocaine, and you have likely seen the movie Blow or an episode of Drugs, Inc. documenting the drug trade and the use of cocaine.  Cocaine use is dropping, especially compared to drugs like marijuana, but it is still prevalent and still makes billions of dollars a year for the drug cartels who supply it. …

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