July 2022

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What is a Diversion?

Many people who have committed their first criminal offense find themselves eligible for a diversion. A diversion is an agreement between the State and a criminal defendant that essentially says, “If you pay a fee and do either some community service, or a class, the State will dismiss your case.” A diversion is almost always a good option if it is available. In most cases, you will need an attorney to negotiate this on your…

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Posted in On July 13, 2022

The ability to travel outside of the United States with your child is dictated by a number of factors.  First and foremost, you should determine if there is a court order that covers the topic.  In many instances Divorce Decrees, Paternity Decrees or subsequent orders of the Court address the parent’s ability to travel outside of the country and sometimes out of the state.  In this article, we will discuss several scenarios and options for…

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Felony? Misdemeanor? Infraction? What Does It All Mean?

In the State of Indiana whenever someone is charged with an offense, they will fall into one of three categories: 1. Felony, 2. Misdemeanor, or 3. Infraction.  An infraction is what most of us know as a traffic ticket.  These do not carry a potential for imprisonment since they are civil matters.  Rather it means you’ll pay a fine.  A great example is a speeding ticket being an infraction.  A felony charge is one that…

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