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Miranda and DUI Checkpoints

A quick look at the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in State of Indiana v. David Brown on whether Miranda warnings apply to DUI checkpoints. Onread more

Why and when you need SR-22 and SR-50 insurance in Indiana

Why you may need SR-22 or SR-50 insurance and the differences between them Although a common misunderstanding, an SR-22 is not actually a type ofread more

Indiana Credit Time Calculator for Legal Sentencing

Understanding Credit Time in Criminal Cases Whenever someone is sentenced in a criminal case in Indiana, the Court takes great concern to appropriately and accuratelyread more

Do You Qualify for the Safety Valve in Federal Drug Cases?

Federal Safety Valve in Drug Cases Have you or someone you know been charged with a federal offense with little or no criminal history thatread more

Stepparent Child Adoption Overview

A Quick Look at Stepparent Adoption Adoption is an instrumental process in the lives of many Indiana children and can give them the consistency neededread more

Consecutive vs. Concurrent Sentencing

A quick look at consecutive versus concurrent sentencing Whenever somebody is convicted of multiple offenses – whether they arise out of the same incident orread more

Resolving Indiana Driver’s License Reinstatement Fees & Suspension Issues

License Reinstatement Fees and Other Common License Suspension Issues Do you have a laundry list of suspensions and unpaid tickets that you have neglected toread more

Revocation of Bond Hearings: an Overview

A Quick Look at Bond Revocation Hearings Most people have heard of bond or bail — in fact, most people can name the different types ofread more

Refusing a DUI Chemical Test in Indiana

Refusing a Chemical Test During a DUI Investigation: The Supreme Court’s Recent Ruling: A look at the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling on what countsread more

Grand Jury Investigations in Indiana

Are you or someone you know undergoing a potential grand jury proceeding or facing an indictment? Need help understanding what it all means? This blogread more