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3 Ways Criminal Cases Get Filed in Indiana

Most people assume that in order for a criminal case to be brought against you, you must be arrested first. What most people don’t realizeread more

Indianapolis Divorce Attorney Blog: How Divide Up Marital Assets and Debts

Dividing Up the Marital Pot: Debts & Assets Determining how to divide assets and debts is an important and necessary part of the divorce process.  read more

Possible Penalties for Criminal Charge in Indiana

Below is a chart to help understand the possible penalties that can come with being charged with a crime in Indiana.  The chart has beenread more

Indianapolis Traffic Attorney Blog: A Look at Indiana's BMV Point System

Understanding the BMV’s Point System Nearly everyone who has driven an automobile has been pulled over by a police officer at some point for oneread more

A Look at Conditional Discharges in Indiana

Conditional Discharges in Indiana Have you or a loved one found yourself in a situation where you were pulled over or came into some otherread more

Indiana Handgun Appeals Attorney Blog: Denied? Now What? Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I Was Denied a Concealed Carry, Now What? F.A.Q. Below are the most typical F.A.Q. we get handling hundreds of concealed carry permit denials inread more

Carrying a Handgun Without a License in Indianapolis

Possession of a Firearm Without a License The right to bear arms is protected by the U.S. and Indiana State constitutions.  The Second Amendment toread more

Indianapolis Divorce Attorney Blog: What am I and my Spouse Allowed to Do in Our Divorce

The Typical “Can” and “Cannot” Behaviors in a Typical Divorce As attorneys, we field questions beginning with “Can I” and “Can they” every day.  Thisread more

Conditional Deferrals on DUI Cases in Indiana

Although not commonly used throughout the state, there is a law which creates an avenue for somebody to have their OVWI/DUI case dismissed. The processread more

Indianapolis Expungement Lawyer: The Most Common Questions asked on Expungements

Can I Get My Criminal History Expunged and Sealed? Since 2013, the Indiana State Legislature has passed laws providing a means by which individuals canread more