December 2013

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A Look at Indiana’s Most Commonly Charged Gun Crimes

Typical Handgun Offenses and Crimes in Indiana Most people who carry a handgun, both legally and illegally for that matter, seldom realize the number of laws specifically written to address the use, operation, and possession of them. In fact, many who own a firearm think that so long as they have a permit, they can take that gun anywhere they want — the reality, however, is much different. This blog will address the most commonly…

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A Look at Crimes Involving Residences or Property

Crimes involving property are very common charges in Indiana. The Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys at Banks & Brower are well equipped to help you fight these charges. Fist lets take a look at the types of charges. We are all familiar with the home burglary, which we will look at, but there are a number of other crimes that effect or involve someone’s home.  For purposes of this blog we will use Johnny as a our…

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Understanding Indiana's Post-Conviction Relief ("PCR") Remedy

A Blog on Indiana’s Post-Conviction Relief Statute – Many times throughout the week our firm is inundated with calls requesting help for themselves or a loved one who has just received a conviction and sentence for a criminal offense. Often times, people call in desperation, hoping that we might be able to find something that was done improperly by the State of Indiana or the judge presiding over the case. Often times, the paramount question…

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A Look at the Serious Violent Felon

CHARGED WITH A CRIME CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US NOW!   This weeks blog looks at Indiana’s Serious Violent Felon Law. The Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys at Banks & Brower know this charge has serious implications.  The serious violent felon statute was created with the idea of making it a very serious matter if someone that is convicted of a serious violent felony later possess a firearm.  The idea being, keep guns out of the…

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