January 2014

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A Look at Indiana’s Small Claims Process

We’ve all seen it on TV, two parties yelling at each other before a judge like Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, or Judge Mathis. And, inevitably, the judge yells back, makes both parties feel stupid, and then arbitrarily picks a side to believe. Then, most enjoyably, there is a post-proceeding interview with an awkward engagement between the parties….priceless. Though the small claims process is glorified for TV ratings in those shows, the formalities aren’t much…

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A Look at the Most Commonly Charged White Collar Crimes In Indiana

The term “white collar crime” is just what it suggests. It’s a phrase used to describe criminal acts that are done in and around a corporate/government setting by those directly or indirectly involved in the operation of that business and/or government agency (more often than not). Typically, we hear the term “white collar crime” when used in association with non-hourly jobs or non-manual labor related jobs, but the truth is, if the crime revolves around…

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The Top 10 Misconceptions of the Indiana Criminal Justice System

Its New Years time, so its mandatory to do some sort of top 10 list right?  For this weeks blog we will look at some of the Misconceptions about the criminal justice system.  This is our top ten, certainly open to interpretation and additions. The Criminal Justice System ALWAYS gets it right No system is perfect.  Perfection is a great goal to strive for, especially when we talk about taking away someone’s freedom, but it…

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