June 2015

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A Close Look at How Custody Works in Indiana

Posted in On June 30, 2015

Indianapolis Divorce Attorney Blog: What Does Custody Mean in Indiana? Whether faced with a divorce or a paternity action, there are many parents who are unsure as to exactly what requesting custody of their children means in Indiana.  To begin, Indiana law separates child custody into 2 categories: 1) legal custody and 2) physical custody.  When a court determines how custody is going to be awarded in a specific case, the court always uses the…

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Neglect of a Dependent

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog:  A Look at the Law of Neglect of a Dependent   Recently in the news(June 2015) there was a video that went viral involving two “ladies” fighting in the aisle way of a local Wal-Mart.  Disturbingly, one of the ladies had a young son that was present that jumped in and started engaging in the fight.  Shortly after the video went viral, the local prosecutor charged the mom, with the…

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A Look at the Changes to the Criminal Code Effective July 1st, 2015

How 2015 Changes to Indiana Law May Impact Your Criminal Case   As happens every year in Indiana, July 1 brings a number of changes to various areas of the law as a result of the legislative session.  Although the major criminal code overhaul took place last year, some changes of note have been enacted this year with respect to motor vehicle laws and criminal statutes. The Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys have summarized the changes…

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How to Appeal a Federal Denial or Delay of Your Handgun Purchase

Appealing a Federal Background Check for a Handgun Denial or Delay Here at Banks & Brower, LLC, we help TONS of people obtain their concealed carry permits, and often times after they have been denied the right to carry a concealed weapon. Be it a stated-based four-year application or a lifetime application denial, the sting of being turned down is a tough pill to swallow for many gun enthusiasts. And, having nowhere else to turn…

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