January 2017

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Common Legal Terms in an Indiana Criminal Case

Criminal Legal Process Common Terms In today’s blog we look at some of the commonly used terms and parties that are part of the process of a criminals case.  Look at is as a practical definition of each item.  Many times the parties involved in the criminal process forget that someone that is arrested is experiencing the process for the first time, we will try to simplify and make the system a bit more understandable….

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Divorce: What Happens After the Petition for Dissolution is Filed?

The Next Steps after a Dissolution Petition It is important to know what to expect after a dissolution action has been filed.  Every situation is based on different facts, personalities, finances, and issues.   Those differences make it impossible for an attorney to predict the exact outcome or timeline of an individual case but there are basic guidelines that each dissolution follows. Per Indiana Code, at least 60 days must pass from the time the dissolution…

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Indiana Criminal Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitations on Criminal Offenses in Indiana Worried that you’ve done something that may result in criminal charges being filed against you?  For most crimes, there is a limit on how much time can pass between when the crime was committed and when charges are filed.  If the State of Indiana waits too long to file charges then they are barred from prosecution and the person cannot then be held criminally liable for the…

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A Look at Sentencing Hearings in Indiana

What Happens At a Sentencing Hearing in Indiana? There are many situations where someone can be facing a sentencing hearing. Sentencing hearings typically happen after a trial or plea when a person has already been determined guilty, or after a violation of probation has been determined and the next step is to argue the potential sentence a person must serve. A sentencing hearing is one of the most important stages of any criminal proceeding as…

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Reckless Homicide Indiana

A Look at the Charge of Reckless Homicide in Indiana When watching the news, it’s impossible to make it through an entire hour of local or national stories without hearing the word “homicide” at least once. Heck, in Chicago alone, over 750 people were killed in 2015…that’s right, over 750 people….close to 2 people a day. Almost everyone when they hear the word “homicide” automatically thinks of someone acting deliberately to kill or harm another…

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