May 2017

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Criminal Diversions in Indiana

Posted in On May 28, 2017

So you have been charged with a low level felony or a misdemeanor and you absolutely cannot have a conviction on your record, now what? A diversion or deferral might be something that could work for you depending on a number of factors. The law in Indiana (IC 33-39-1-8) provides that those who have committed low level crimes or are first time offenders are sometimes able to dismiss their charges. This is called a diversion…

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Finding an Attorney

Posted in On May 21, 2017

One of the main questions a defendant asks when facing a potential criminal offense is, “who is the best criminal defense attorney in Indiana?” And, if you think about it, that makes sense. Criminal cases have the potential to have lifelong consequences. So, it leads to reason that anyone who is facing a criminal offense is going to try to track down the best criminal attorney for their particular case. The list below is meant…

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What to do if you have an HTV suspension

Posted in On May 16, 2017

Habitual Traffic Violator Law Quite frankly, one of the most pertinent things is to have the ability to drive! Whether it is to school, work, or even just to go out and socialize with friends. Have you ever had your license taken, and did not have the means to do these things – for a substantial amount of time? There is nothing more frustrating than not having a license to legally drive. It can be…

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Child Custody Agreements with No Child Support

Posted in On May 7, 2017

Are Child Support Agreements with No Child Support Legal? “We have reached an agreement that neither parent will pay child support.”   That is a common statement made by clients as they are navigating family law.  It is heard in divorce and paternity cases.  However, the reality is child support is a right of the child, not of the parent.  A parent cannot waive something that does not belong to them.   Child support exists as an…

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