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Pending Federal Legislation: Justice Safety Valve Act

Past blogs have referenced the differences between State and Federal court but perhaps the biggest difference is the mandatory minimum sentences for certain criminal offenses. read more

Are You Eligible for an Expungement?

Any person who has been arrested or convicted of a crime may want to have their criminal record expunged. Often, having a criminal record canread more

Theft and Conversion in Indiana

Having a conviction for theft or conversion can lead to several headaches.  Employers frequently ask questions and conduct background checks looking for either of theseread more

Burdens of Proof

In almost all legal settings there is something called burden of proof.  What exactly does burden of proof mean? Cases have regularly defined burden ofread more

Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines receive a BIG make-over in 2022

Effective January 1, 2022, the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines (“IPTG”) will receive its biggest make-over in years.  While the new guidelines do not necessarily impactread more

Sex Offender Residency Restrictions

Most people know that when you are required to register as a sex offender that there are certain life restrictions that come along with it.read more

The Difference Between the Habitual Offender Sentencing Enhancement and the Habitual Vehicular Substance Offender Sentencing Enhancement

Sentencing Enhancements are, unfortunately, something that repeat offenders must sometimes contend with.  There are two primary sentencing enhancements in Indiana that individuals should be familiarread more

Statute of Limitations on Auto Accidents: The Time Limit on Filing a Claim

In 2019, there were approximately 50,000 people who were injured in auto accidents in the State of Indiana alone. The likelihood of being in anread more

Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) is a process that adopts a co-mediation approach utilizing both a specially trained Mediator and a Child Consultant during a family’sread more

Banks & Brower Community Blood Drive October 28, 2021

560 Units are needed for Indiana Hospital Patients. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Give Blood. Give Hope. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE!!!! REGISTER with the QR Code below,read more