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Can I Trust the Reviews I Read on Lawyers?

In the world we all live in, we live and die by the internet — no doubt. When we need to buy things, where doread more

House Bill 1296 – Is it now Legal to Carry a Handgun in Indiana without a Permit?

On March 21, 2022, Governor Holcomb signed into law House Bill 1296, which allows individuals to carry a handgun in public without a permit inread more

Understanding Credit Time in Criminal Cases

Whenever someone is sentenced in a criminal case in Indiana, the Court takes great concern to appropriately and accurately apply any credit time the defendantread more

Indiana Spousal Maintenance Laws

Many people going through separation and divorce are familiar with child support and orders for health care, uninsured medical expenses, etc. for their children.  Fewerread more

Beware the Penalties of Multiple DUIs

The term DUI is actually a bit of a misnomer in Indiana. In Indiana, we call it Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, or “OVWI”. Stateread more

Violation of Probation Penalties & Timelines In Indiana

Most people realize that when you are serving a suspended sentence on probation that if you violate the terms of that probation, the State ofread more

The Defense of Entrapment in Indiana

Entrapment is an affirmative (or complete) defense to criminal charges.  While the state must always prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, the evidentiary burdenread more

Does Indiana Have Degrees of Murder?

When someone dies and it’s at the hands of another person, unless the killing was justified, the person committing the killing will normally be chargedread more

Protecting Indiana’s Juveniles: Limiting Pre-Trial Placements For Juvenile Arrestees

Prior to 2021, Indiana did not prohibit the placement of juvenile arrestees in adult jails before trial proceedings. A juvenile arrestee may have been heldread more

Ignoring a Child Support Order in Indiana can lead to Serious Consequences

Once a Trial Court in the State of Indiana issues a child support order for a child(ren), a non-custodial parent will need to make necessaryread more