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Graphic Display of Field Sobriety Tests Administered in Indiana for DUI Arrest

FST picto

Pet Custody in Indiana Divorces

Pet Custody in Indiana Divorces Which party gets the Furry Child? “Which one of us gets the dog?” A question that many parties in aread more

Motion to Suppress Evidence in Indiana

A Look at Motions to Suppress Motion to Suppress, What is it and When Should it be Used One of the tools in war chestread more

Co-Parenting Post Divorce in Indiana

Stuck in the Middle:  Co-Parenting Children After a Separation or Divorce               Once you have separated from the other parent of your children, youread more

Expungement Timeline in Indiana

Can I Get My Record Expunged Yet? Several times throughout the day we talk with prospective expungement clients who are not quite ready, according toread more

Child Exploitation & Child Pornography Laws in Indiana

Child exploitation and pornography arrests are becoming more and more common, unfortunately, and as a result, our law firm receives dozens of calls a monthread more

Corrupt Business Influence Indiana

What is the Crime of Corrupt Business Influence in Indiana? Indiana has a criminal statute that goes by a weird name.  The statute that isread more

An Overview of Indiana Criminal Appeals

You got convicted of a crime, it’s all over, right? Not exactly. If you take a matter to trial and are convicted you have aread more

Indiana Civil Forfeitures in Criminal Cases

A civil forfeiture action is a case filed by the State of Indiana against an individual who stands accused of certain criminal offenses. The caseread more

Self-reporting a Probation Violation

Whenever you are on probation, it is essential that you follow all the rules of probation. We all know that, right? As one local judgeread more