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Corrupt Business Influence Indiana

What is the Crime of Corrupt Business Influence in Indiana? Indiana has a criminal statute that goes by a weird name.  The statute that isread more

An Overview of Indiana Criminal Appeals

You got convicted of a crime, it’s all over, right? Not exactly. If you take a matter to trial and are convicted you have aread more

Indiana Civil Forfeitures in Criminal Cases

A civil forfeiture action is a case filed by the State of Indiana against an individual who stands accused of certain criminal offenses. The caseread more

Self-reporting a Probation Violation

Whenever you are on probation, it is essential that you follow all the rules of probation. We all know that, right? As one local judgeread more

Summer Visitation: Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

Winter time is almost over, and an important deadline is quickly approaching.  If you were granted parenting time pursuant to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelinesread more

Pre-trial Release Program Indiana

The purpose of bail is to assure that a defendant will appear for court hearings as well as trying to assure public safety all theread more

Conditions of Probation & in Indiana

The most common result of being convicted of a crime is receiving a suspended sentence and being required to serve a period of probation.  Whileread more

Expunging DCS and CHINs Cases in Indiana

Expunging DCS and CHINs cases Under Indiana law, it is not just regular misdemeanor and felony cases that can be expunged and hidden (or inread more

Indiana Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Locations

When people are accused and/or convicted of an alcohol or drug based offense, often times their attorneys and/or the courts will require that that personread more

A Look at Field Sobriety Tests for Drunk Driving Investigation

In our Pictograph below we take a look at what clues constitute a failure of the field sobriety tests that are normally conducted as partread more