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Child Hearsay in Criminal Cases

In order for the State of Indiana to meet their burden of “beyond a reasonable doubt” they often have to rely upon the testimony ofread more

Why Is My License Suspended?

We take calls all the time from people who have gotten their license in a mess and need help digging out of the hole andread more

Should a Defendant Speak at Sentencing?

As criminal defense attorneys, we have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of sentencing hearings. And, depending on the circumstances, we may choose to call ourread more

Separation of Cash and State – a Look Into Bribery

Banks & Brower, LLC strongly encourages community involvement. Luckily, there are several avenues open to people in order to make an impact in their community.read more

I Have Been Charged or Arrested for a Crime, Will I Have to Serve Jail Time?

This is one of the most common questions that we are asked when we are meeting with a new client.  The short answer, like almostread more

Mental Illness in Indiana Criminal Courts

For nearly two centuries, the concept of the “insanity defense” has been debated and changed in Indiana’s Appellate Courts.  Central to the debate is theread more

Waiver of Constitutional Rights in a Plea Agreement

When a defendant pleads guilty to any crime in the State of Indiana, they either must be informed in writing, in person, or by videoread more

Can a Person Charged with Murder get a Bond in Indiana?

In Indiana, and many other states for that matter, when someone is charged with murder they are normally held without bond.  This generally seems inconsistentread more

The Police Want Me To Make a Statement, Now What?

A detective wants to meet with me, police want me to make a statement, the police called me in for questioning; these are just someread more

A Quick Look at Habitual Offender & Habitual Vehicular Offender Enhancements

General Habitual Offenders (IC 35-50-2-8) Convicted of: Murder, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Felonies Habitual Eligible If: (1) Defendant has tworead more