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PSI – Pre-Sentence Investigation in Indiana

There is a gamut of procedures that the courts must follow that encompasses criminal law. First, it is reported that someone has allegedly committed aread more

Indiana BAC Machine Information

One of the most common charges we see as criminal defense attorneys is the crime of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.  This many times comesread more

Paternity Affidavits in Indiana

A paternity affidavit is a legal document that, “permits a man and a woman to declare, under penalty of perjury, that the man is theread more

Carrying a Handgun In Indiana & the Police’s Right to Search

May 9, 2017 the Indiana Supreme Court made a ruling in the case of Thomas Pinner v. State of Indiana under case number 49S02-1611-CR-610, holdingread more

Criminal Diversions in Indiana

So you have been charged with a low level felony or a misdemeanor and you absolutely cannot have a conviction on your record, now what?read more

Finding an Attorney

One of the main questions a defendant asks when facing a potential criminal offense is, “who is the best criminal defense attorney in Indiana?” And,read more

What to do if you have an HTV suspension

Habitual Traffic Violator Law Quite frankly, one of the most pertinent things is to have the ability to drive! Whether it is to school, work,read more

Child Custody Agreements with No Child Support

Are Child Support Agreements with No Child Support Legal? “We have reached an agreement that neither parent will pay child support.”   That is a commonread more

Miranda and DUI Checkpoints

A quick look at the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in State of Indiana v. David Brown on whether Miranda warnings apply to DUI checkpoints. Onread more

Why and when you need SR-22 and SR-50 insurance in Indiana

Why you may need SR-22 or SR-50 insurance and the differences between them Although a common misunderstanding, an SR-22 is not actually a type ofread more