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Self Defense in Indiana

The concept of self-defense in the state of Indiana is generally seen as an act that is recognized as a valid justification for an otherwiseread more

When is a Change of Venue Necessary in a Criminal Case?

Everyone has the right to a fair trial.  There are some circumstances in which a change of venue is necessary in order to preserve thisread more

How does divorce effect your estate planning?

One of the most overlooked topics when a couple divorcing is estate planning.  When a couple gets married and starts a family it is typicalread more

What Does An Expungement Do?

The expungement laws in Indiana went through a complete revitalization in July 2013 in what the state legislature deemed the “second chance law.” We haveread more

Metabolites can Constitute Posession

While some states have begun to legalize marijuana (specifically, Michigan and Illinois) it remains illegal in Indiana. Even after the consumption or use of theread more

Fighting Against In-Custody Witnesses, Flipping Co-Defendants, and Jailhouse Snitches

There are two broad types of evidence that judges and juries may consider at trial.  Physical evidence, or exhibits, are typically things that the factfinderread more

Pay a Bond or Pay a Lawyer

Whenever someone is facing a criminal offense, especially felonies, almost always a bond is required. However, bonds can be all over the map from aread more

Changes to Indiana’s Relocation Statutes

Moving soon? Wondering what you need to do to stay compliant with Indiana’s Relocation Rules? As of July 1, 2019, Indiana revised I.C.31-17-2.2 the Notificationread more

I’m pregnant and facing jail time. What do I do?

There are many questions that arise when a loved one is facing the possibility of jail time, especially if the loved one is a female.read more

Fast and Speedy Trials in Indiana

The right to a fast and speedy trial can be found in Indiana Criminal Rule 4 which exists to enforce the state constitutional guarantee ofread more