April 2016

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The Sex Crime Stigma for the Wrongfully Accused

Wrongfully Accused of a Sex Crime in Indiana? Obviously, a blog like this can be difficult to write and read. That’s because there are hundreds of thousands of legitimately-reported, fully and rightfully prosecuted sex crimes cases across this country on any given year. And, without question, those cases are incredibly sad to hear about and can be difficult to be a part of as defense attorneys. This blog is not meant to take away from…

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A Look at Calculating Child Support in Indiana

Posted in On April 24, 2016

How is Child Support Calculated and What Can I Expect? How is child support calculated?  The amount of child support that is paid by one parent to the other is fact sensitive and is not the same in every case.   It is not uncommon for two parents with the same number of children, living close together geographically and making similar incomes to receive substantially different amounts of weekly child support.    In Indiana, a child support…

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A Look at Interrogation and Having a Lawyer

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Blog:  A Look at Police Interrogation and Why it Makes Sense to Exercise Your Right to an Attorney It is a question we often receive in our office.  I have been contacted by a Detective and he/she wants to interview me as a possible suspect in a criminal investigation, should I talk to them?  Do I need a lawyer?  To answer that question, we will take a look at some of…

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Refusing a Breath Test in a DUI

A Quick Look at the Consequences of Refusing a Chemical Test in Indiana: A substantial number of our clients who have been charged with a DUI tell us that after they were pulled over, they refused the tests the officer asked them to do because once upon a time that’s what they heard or were told you’re supposed to do.  The theory is that if there is no test, then it will be difficult or…

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