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Pet Custody in Indiana Divorces

Pet Custody in Indiana Divorces Which party gets the Furry Child? “Which one of us gets the dog?” A question that many parties in aread more

Motion to Suppress Evidence in Indiana

A Look at Motions to Suppress Motion to Suppress, What is it and When Should it be Used One of the tools in war chestread more

Co-Parenting Post Divorce in Indiana

Stuck in the Middle:  Co-Parenting Children After a Separation or Divorce               Once you have separated from the other parent of your children, youread more

Expungement Timeline in Indiana

Can I Get My Record Expunged Yet? Several times throughout the day we talk with prospective expungement clients who are not quite ready, according toread more

Child Exploitation & Child Pornography Laws in Indiana

Child exploitation and pornography arrests are becoming more and more common, unfortunately, and as a result, our law firm receives dozens of calls a monthread more

Corrupt Business Influence Indiana

What is the Crime of Corrupt Business Influence in Indiana? Indiana has a criminal statute that goes by a weird name.  The statute that isread more

An Overview of Indiana Criminal Appeals

You got convicted of a crime, it’s all over, right? Not exactly. If you take a matter to trial and are convicted you have aread more

Indiana Civil Forfeitures in Criminal Cases

A civil forfeiture action is a case filed by the State of Indiana against an individual who stands accused of certain criminal offenses. The caseread more

Self-reporting a Probation Violation

Whenever you are on probation, it is essential that you follow all the rules of probation. We all know that, right? As one local judgeread more

Summer Visitation: Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

Winter time is almost over, and an important deadline is quickly approaching.  If you were granted parenting time pursuant to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelinesread more