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Statute of Limitations on Auto Accidents: The Time Limit on Filing a Claim

In 2019, there were approximately 50,000 people who were injured in auto accidents in the State of Indiana alone. The likelihood of being in anread more

Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) is a process that adopts a co-mediation approach utilizing both a specially trained Mediator and a Child Consultant during a family’sread more

Banks & Brower Community Blood Drive October 28, 2021

560 Units are needed for Indiana Hospital Patients. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Give Blood. Give Hope. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE!!!! REGISTER with the QR Code below,read more

How do Juveniles get into Adult Court?

Most people realize that juveniles are treated differently than adults in criminal cases. Even the Supreme Court has gone out of its way to issueread more

Banks & Brower Super Lawyers and Rising Stars for 2022

It was just announced that all eligible attorneys at Banks & Brower have been selected as a Super Lawyer or Rising Star for 2022.  Thisread more

Burglary vs. Robbery in Indiana: What’s the Difference?

The crimes of burglary and robbery are often confused.  Many people believe that burglary is synonymous with robbery.  In fact, the elements of these tworead more

What Happens When The Police Arrive At My Home With A Search Warrant?

If police officers arrive at your home with a search warrant, it will obviously be a very stressful, difficult, and possibly chaotic time. As such,read more

Indiana Licensure Process on Carrying a Handgun–What You Need to Know

Purchasing and possessing a firearm in Indiana is a legal process that requires one to know the licensure process and the appeals process should one’sread more

Should I Waive My Jury Trial to a Bench Trial or Request a Jury on my Misdemeanor?

As most everyone knows, if you are charged with a felony in Indiana, you are guaranteed a jury trial. In fact, it is such aread more

What is the Defense of Duress?

From time to time, we received calls asking questions about the defense of duress.  In Indiana, duress is an affirmative defense defined by statute.  Anread more