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Can a Person Charged with Murder get a Bond in Indiana?

In Indiana, and many other states for that matter, when someone is charged with murder they are normally held without bond.  This generally seems inconsistentread more

The Police Want Me To Make a Statement, Now What?

A detective wants to meet with me, police want me to make a statement, the police called me in for questioning; these are just someread more

A Quick Look at Habitual Offender & Habitual Vehicular Offender Enhancements

General Habitual Offenders (IC 35-50-2-8) Convicted of: Murder, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Felonies Habitual Eligible If: (1) Defendant has tworead more

Police Want me to Take a Lie Detector Test, Should I Take it?

Sometimes when you are being investigated for a crime and the police have some questions as to whether or not you are responsible for whatread more

Can a Pet Be Named as Your Estate Beneficiary?

We have all heard the old tale of the elderly rich person that decides to leave his/her fortune to their pet instead of their childrenread more

Impact of other States Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Indiana

On Tuesday November 8, 2018, Voters in the State of Michigan approved the legalization of recreational marijuana.  While the sales side of things will takeread more

Are Juvenile Records Automatically Sealed?

It is a common misconception that juvenile records disappear, whether sealed or automatically expunged, when an individual turns 18. Unfortunately, that is not the caseread more

What is Letters in Support of Sentencing?

Whether you or a loved one is facing a criminal offense, everyone knows that hiring a criminal attorney with experience matters most. Not only doread more

An Overview of Surrogacy in Indiana

Over the past decade, technological advancements have allowed parents to conceive children through techniques such as artificial insemination or surrogacy. In order to clarify, whenread more

Student Searches in Schools: What Are My Child’s Rights?

As a parent, you probably spend much of your time concerned over whether your child can avoid trouble and make the right decisions to propelread more