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Double Jeopardy in Criminal Cases

Most of us have heard the phrase “double jeopardy” and the general concept is pretty simple to understand: You cannot be prosecuted or punished forread more

Pleading Open on a Criminal Case

Often times, when you are facing a criminal offense, prosecutors will offer to allow you to plead guilty to a certain count, dismiss the restread more

Specialized Driving Privileges on Refusal Suspensions in Indiana

Getting Specialized Driving Privileges Under Indiana Law, courts may order the suspension of a person’s driving privileges in place of criminal charges or an ongoingread more

Reducing a Felony Conviction to a Misdemeanor

Having a felony on your record can pose significant challenges.  A felony can hinder a person’s ability to find work as well as their abilityread more

Indiana Red Flag Laws (Jake Laird Law)

What is a “Red Flag” Law? Many states, including Indiana, have passed legislation commonly known as a Red Flag law. Generally, these laws allow aread more

Federal Sentencing Zones & Placement Options

When determining possible, criminal sentencing ranges and placement options at the federal level, one only look so far as the federal sentencing guidelines and theread more

Indiana No Contact Orders and Penalties for Violating Them

What is a No Contact Order? (Ind. Code 35-26-5 and 35-26-6) Courts can impose various forms of No Contact Orders, and they can even beread more

Misdemeanor Resisting Law Enforcement in Indiana

There are two primary ways in which the state charges individuals with misdemeanor resisting law enforcement.  Typically, resisting law enforcement is thought of in theread more

COVID-19 and Your Criminal Case

On December 15, the Indiana Supreme Court issued a new order suspending jury trials until March 1, 2021. This new order can (and likely will)read more

What is a Reasonable Attorney’s Fee?

Many times, when people call around looking for lawyers, they are also looking at the cost of each one when doing comparisons. While pricing isread more