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Alternative Misdemeanor Sentencing

Alleviating the Sting of a Felony Conviction Everyone knows that being convicted of a felony is one of the most difficult things a person can deal with in their life. Besides the fact that you can face hefty jail sentences, fines, and court ordered restrictions, there are other consequential impacts that many never think about — and most of the time they begin after you complete your sentence or court ordered requirements. After all, the…

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Divorce FAQ's

  Q:  How long must I live in Indiana in order to file for divorce? A:  In order to file for divorce, one of the parties must have resided in Indiana for at least 6 months.  Additionally, you must have resided in the County you choose to file in for at least 3 months.   Q:  How are the parties identified in a divorce proceeding? A:  Petitioner and Respondent.  The Petitioner is the party who…

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How "Major" & "Serious" Infractions Can Impact Your Livelihood

How Your Recent Traffic Ticket Can Cost You Your License, or Worse, Your Job: As a professional driver with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you spend the majority of your day, your work week, heck the majority of your life on the road. You drive thousands of miles, past thousands of beautiful sights in different states, and past thousands of drivers each day. With every passing moment, you work hard to be mindful not to…

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Arrested A Look at the Possible Penalites

Once someone has been arrested they normally have a period of time where they experience shock and disbelief.  This reaction quickly turns into an emotion of fearing the possible penalties for the allegations that have been made.  In this blog we will run through the potential penalties for the various levels of crime. First we will take a look at the potential penalties for misdemeanors.  One major distinction between misdemeanors and felonies is that any…

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Banks & Brower open for business on northwest side of Indianapolis

Posted in On January 9, 2013

  NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Banks & Brower open for business on northwest side of Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN (January 7, 2013) Local attorneys Brad Banks, J.D. and Adam Brower, J.D. have recently opened their legal practice, Banks & Brower, in northwest Indianapolis.  Banks & Brower practice areas include: criminal, DUI, family law, business law, construction law, and education/school law. Mr. Banks graduated from the law school at Valparaiso University and earned his undergraduate degree…

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Understanding the Importance of Field Sobriety Testing During a DUI Arrest

Posted in On December 24, 2012

How Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Impact the Validity of Your DUI Arrest.  – As part of almost every single DUI arrest an officer typically will  use roadside Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) as a way to determine a driver’s level of intoxication. In fact, often times an officer will use the results of those SFST’s as a means for determining probable cause to offer that driver a Chemical Breath Test. As such, it is crucial…

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Summary of the Proposed Changes to Indiana's Parenting Time Guidelines

A Summary of the Pending Proposed Changes to the Indiana’s Parenting Time Guidelines The parenting time guidelines have been utilized as a guidepost for attorneys and divorcing parents for years.  Currently, there are a number of changes that have been proposed to these guidelines.  This blog post seeks to summarize the significant proposed changes.  To see the full set of current guidelines along with the proposed changes, click here. The one area that the proposed…

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Wills and Advance Directives. What Are They and Who Needs Them?

Wills and Advance Directives.  What Are They and Why You Need Them   The topic of wills and advance directives is one people don’t like to think about because it involves thinking about the end of life.  However, that is exactly why you should think about it.  Death can come at any time, life is unpredictable.  Planning for the inevitable with advance directives makes what is always an emotional time period for the survivors at…

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