Sex Crimes

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A Look at Teen Sexting, a Surprising Crime

Teen Sexting – An Epidemic as Well as a Criminal Offense In this blog, the Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorneys take a look at sexting. While the exchange of erotic information and/or pornographic material from one person to another has been going on for decades, with the advent of technology (specifically smartphones), the ease at which one can do it has grown exponentially. This has become ever so present not just amongst consenting adults, but midst…

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A Look at Indiana's Sex Offender Probation

One of the most frequent types of cases that end up going to trial are sex crimes.  Many times these cases go to trial because they carry significant penalties that don’t come with most other offenses.  A sex offender in Indiana will many times be placed on “sex offender” probation.  This blog looks at the requirements of the Indiana sex offender probation. -The requirement to register.  One of the conditions of the probation is, if…

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Indiana’s Sex and Violent Offender Registry and the Crimes that Require Registering

A Quick Look at Indiana’s Sex or Violent Offender Registry Requirements  Most criminal cases bring some sort of self-shame to a defendant’s life. Whether it is the requirement to check “yes” on a background application question on criminal history or being unable to own or possess a firearm from a felony, etc. — we all know criminal convictions have a huge impact on peoples’ lives. Moreover, obviously, some crimes have larger effects than others. And,…

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The Most Commonly Charged Sex Crimes in Indiana

Understanding Indiana Sex Crimes and Their Penalties Other than Murder, sex crimes carry the biggest stigma and life-changing penalties. Being accused, alone, is a life-changing event — whether you are found guilty or not, unfortunately. Moreover, most sex crimes carry with them life-altering ramifications such as sex registrations under I.C. 11-8-8, restrictions on where you can live, imprisonment, constitutional right limitations, etc. As such, if you find yourself facing any of the offenses mentioned in this…

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