Traffic Law

A Look at What it Means to be a Habitual Traffic Violator in Indiana

A Quick and Concise Look at the Laws Governing  Indiana’s Habitual Traffic Violator Statute Indiana’s habitual traffic violator laws can be very confusing and difficultread more

A Look at the Laws Governing Mopeds and Scooters

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A Look at the Driver License Compact

The Interstate Licensing Compact:  What is it and how does it affect you?  –  If you’ve ever received a driving ticket in another state, youread more

Indiana's New Specialized Driving Privilege

Specialized Driving Privileges:  Indiana’s New Hardship License -. Have you been patiently (or impatiently!!!) sitting by the sidelines unable to drive for what seems like forever?read more

Common Questions and Misconceptions with DUI Arrests

One of the most common arrests made in Indiana and throughout the country is for driving under the influence.  It can be committed by anyread more

Receive a Ticket for Passing a School Bus with the Stop Arm Extended?

Understanding Indiana’s Statute Forbidding the Passing of a School Bus with the Stop Arm Extended – Unless you’ve been living in a cave, almost everyread more

Understanding Driving While Suspended, OVNRL, Reckless Driving, and Speed Contest

Indiana’s Common Driving Offenses – Without question driving related offenses make up a huge majority of criminal cases filed each year. But that makes senseread more

Petitioning for a Hardship License(Specialized Driving Privileges)

Indiana Traffic Attorney Blog: Filing for a Hardship License under I.C. 9-24-15 – Do you find yourself facing a suspension of your license for aread more

Defending Your Habitual Traffic Violator Case or other Traffic Related Offense

Labeled a Habitual Traffic Violator? Now What? – When you hear the term Habitual Traffic Violator, you almost cringe. It sounds terrible and it invokesread more

Negotiating CDL Tickets vs. Masking Serious CDL Convictions

The Debate over “Masking” Serious CDL Convictions As every single CDL driver knows, without a license to drive, you can’t make money. That’s obvious, right?read more